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Английский язык для экономистов

4 февраля 2008. Разместил: Ваш Современник
Авторы: И.И. Воронцова , А.К. Ильина, Ю.В. Момджи
Серия: Для студентов экономических факультетов

Цель данного учебного пособия - научить студентов экономических факультетов чтению и анализу литературы по специальности, дать им базисную экономическую лексику для последующего использования в практике делового общения.
The economy comprises millions of people and thousands of firms as well as the government and local authorities, all taking decisions about prices and wages, what to buy, sell, produce, export, import and many other matters. All these organizations and the decisions they take play a prominent part in shaping the business environment in which firms exist and operate.

The economy is complicated and difficult to control and predict, but it is certainly important to all businesses. You should be aware that there are times when businesses and individuals have plenty of funds to spend and there are times when they have to cut back on their spending. This can have enormous implications for business as a whole.

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