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3 years ago
Awww! He catching feelings. It's like that sometimes, you can't settle just for fuck buddies, and he wants committment. And he wants all of you for himself, and no sharing. I understand his point of view. Also these things happens in everyday in real life.
Cracker Jeff 2 years ago
I have a crush on this black girl who lives upstairs from me, she has this girls ass but the girl upstairs has nice round gravity defying breasts, maybe a double D size. Anyway she's good looking and very sexy. Now all I need to do is work up the courage and ask her out. Wish me luck!!!
Black guy 2 years ago
Black pussy is the best.
White girls pussy ok. Latinas pussy is a trap. Arabic pussy make you wanna blow shit up. At the end of the day in a dark room pussy is pussy

Yall get over it and enjoy this clip
Best 3 years ago
This light ebony is perfect candidate for jewish babies!!!
Deborah 3 years ago
I love white men because they're more passionate. They will please their woman I've only been with three all all have had my pussy creaming like crazy. They don't try to fuck you through the bed and when performing oral my guys were the best. I love when we 69 and he tells me I'm doing a great job and he's about to cum. By the way my third guy is now my hubby and we keep each other mentally and physically satisfied. Two daughters and I want to give him a son.
Nicole 3 years ago
Omg! Damn this is so hot,and steamy. Yes give her that white cock good. This video is so fucking sexy,and turns me on.
1 year ago
Better than Macana man video. White guys be doing better with these black girls sometimes
2 years ago
This is babaric!!! The Lord Jesus Christ Loves you!!!