White whore love the BBC

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Juli 2 years ago
Well they're the perfect size for me I can swallow them with pride to the balls licking their nuts at the same time.
Alano 1 year ago
Should have had them dicks in her cunt
Truth 2 years ago
That’s a SBC not a BBC lol.
9 months ago
Perfect woman.
Uhhh... 3 weeks ago
She did for a tonne of $$, othrrwise... no way
A white hubby 2 years ago
Yeah right "Truth". Those aren't that big compared to most black cocks but they are twice as big as most white ones. I am white but I don't talk junk and appear jealous.
Paul 7 months ago
Want to meet,marry and be 100% loyal to a wife with a reputation ( BBC OBSESSED CUMDUMP) who will exploit and cheat at every opportunity with an ever increasing circle of BBC,come home late obviously used repeatedly. Serious!!
POV: 7 months ago
Your sister and your aunt are sucking BBC
A white hubby 1 year ago
So being honest makes me a fagot, really. I'm getting older and have been around a lot. Sex party's, swingers, gangbangs, hotwife couples. If you've been around PEOPLE having sex white, black, hispanic, male and female then you know. Sorry I'm not a little dick jealous white guy. I have a nice big white dick that has been in many women.